Long Time Coming….a story of a glimpse….My Music

When I was eighteen I began having an overwhelming desire to play guitar. I grew up in a family of gifted musicians but never thought I’d have the guts to actually perform in front of anyone myself. I sang my entire life but never identified myself as a singer. I was an artist. When I was ten I decided that once I graduated, I would leave my little town in Texas to go to art school in New York and the rest would be history. Like most, my life did not work out the way I’d planned. Not even close. And here I am, twenty years later, sharing this part of my life with you.

My interest in playing guitar started with the conviction of feeling like I had something to say. I sang about what I knew. Faith, love and loneliness. And to my utter astonishment, people reacted. For three years I performed in coffee houses, bars, churches, bookstores and for the most part was well received. I grew comfortable in front of an audience and felt my love for this new art form abound. Then, in what I see now as being completely naive and unguarded, I stopped. I allowed deeply shattered trust to derail me and went the opposite direction.

Now, nine years later, I want it back. I want to feel like I have a purpose in life and sing about it. I don’t know if it’s special or great or if anybody will like it. I just know I feel like it’s something I’m supposed to do and I’m tired of putting that feeling aside. I’m not sure if I expect anything to come of this but I wish for the best.

Thanks for reading my story. Hope you like what you hear.

For more songs, visit me at http://www.youtube.com/user/tishelenaf


November 10, 2011. Tags: , , . Long Time Coming...My Music - Tish Elena.

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