Halloween Song….

Making a memory.

“Sally’s Song”- The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Happy Halloween………

A Halloween doll by Artist Pinky Toast

Frankenstein & Bride

A Halloween scene by Artist Brandi Milne

Vintage Halloween Collection

Halloween Luminaries from Pottery Barn

Pumpkins, one of the best gifts of the season.

A painting of pumpkins I like by Artist unknown

Halloween from crazydomestic.com

Did You See Me? by Artist Brandi Milne


Halloween Cigarette Girl by Artist Little Black Cherry

June Lang, Halloween 1930 from ladylikelady.tumblr.com

Poe, original image from zsazsabellagio.blogspot.com

Halloween Kitty


Message Lanterns

Black Cats & Full Moons

Vintage Owl Loot Bag

Song of the Month: An old favorite

Tori Amos – Caught A Lite Sneeze

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Happy Halloween……

One need not be a chamber to be haunted; One need not be a house; The brain has corridors surpassing Material place. -Emily Dickenson

“Don’t forget your Light this Halloween night.”

"Halloween" by Brandi Milne

"Naughty Boy" by Brandi Milne

"The Making" by Brandi Milne

A wonderful collaboration between Greg Simkins & Amy Sol

"Night Owls"

CURTISS Candy Vintage Halloween Advertisement, 1940's

Eyeball Diagram Sketch

"Halloween Costume Party"

Autumn Greeting Card by Masha D'Yans

Another Lovely Greeting Card by Masha D'Yans

"Halloween" by Zed-Oras

Vintage Halloween Bandit



Happy Halloween!

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