Days in March…..

This has been a pretty wonderful month. The pieces are fitting together and are leaving me with a warm heart, daily.  I look forward to a bright Spring!

My Song of the Month,  “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”Iron & Wine

At the Rodeo in Houston watching The Band Perry!

A gift from mom. 🙂

My Inspiration Boards…

Original Paintings and the Like – finally finished!

“Gardens Grow” – Original Painting

I love this painting, although painting flowers is still a weakness of mine. Growing up, my mom didn’t have pets, she had plants and flowers. And it was beautiful. I was literally surrounded by them and I loved it.

“Peeping” –  Original Painting

This painting took me longer to finish than I’d like to admit. I just couldn’t seem to get it exactly right, and still there are things I’d like to fix. But I love it. This one was a huge learning experience for me.

“Dream Angel” – Original Painting

This painting is based off of a sketch I drew of the same image years ago.  Some people haven’t liked it because they think she looks weak, but I actually painted her to reflect peace. Maybe it’s just a reflection.

Here’s to another happy month, may they never end! Cheers!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like what you see!

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Finally finished……

"Girl In Hoodie" ... I started this painting many months ago and finally reached the degree of satisfaction I needed to call it complete.

"Blue Bunny Shrooms" painting - at the start ... I painted this with the same approach I use when creating collage work. The idea of taking images that may or may not necessarily make sense together but form a cohesive finish.

When I was younger, one of my siblings (I won't name any names), carried a blue rabbit with them everywhere they went. Everywhere. It was their security blanket. And now being much older, I hold onto the memories of the things we attached ourselves to almost as a security of my own.

"Blue Bunny Shrooms" painting - finished at last ... This painting took longer than I had planned. Mainly due to lack of time. Some people have liked it, others don't see a point to it. Those opinions are all fine with me. I like it. It's the first in a planned series that I hope I can accomplish in a shorter time frame. Keep a lookout for them and thanks for stopping by!

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Mail Me Art and Poe…

Art on mail. Submission for Mail Me Art Two. On exhibit at The Red Gate Gallery.

"Poe Girls Penmanship" I listened to a lot of Poe when I was seventeen and I loved my Sharpie pens. I'll keep this one forever.

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What I’m working on at the moment…

this painting is the first of a series I'm planning featuring the blue bunny.

"Stars Bright" I started this painting after seeing Hayao Miyazaki's "Ponyo." Still working on it.

Almost finished with this one...I love wearing scarves and hoodies in the fall.

This painting has been a challenge for me but I think she's beautiful! This photo only displays half of the painting due to final adjustments.

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In the beginning…

Not too long ago I received oil paints as a gift. I had never even touched them before that wonderful day. It changed my world!

Here are a few of the firsts…..

"Redhead With Monocle"

"Bow & Bloom"



"Farewell Letters Are Blue"

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