April Showers Bring…

April showers bring more curiosity, influence, imagination, desire and aspiration than the months before have gifted. Stepping away from the usual to experience new happenings and insights, then skipping back. Happy.


Figure with Drawers for a Four-part ScreenbySalvidorDali

Figure with Drawers for a Four-part Screen . Salvidor Dali

WeatherThoughts - Elizabeth-Terhune

Weather Thoughts .  Elizabeth Terhune

TreeFruit.Jacqui Beck .Artpropelledviatumblr

Tree Fruit . Jacqui Beck

Victor Nemo - All Seats Sold via CresentHillGallery

All Seats Sold . Victor Nemo


Sleeping By Day . Ray Ceasar

Cardwell Higgins, art deco

Art Deco, Cardwell Higgins



Illustration . Ekaterina Koroleva

artist Misery

Artist  Misery (love her)

I remember you by purplekecleon.dev...

I Remember You . Purplekecleon


alyssa monks . alyssamonks.com

After The Rain . Aydin Bayk

After The Rain . Aydin Bayk

Illustration . Enoch Bolles

Illustration . Enoch Bolles

Microscopic Modern Crystal Purple Edge Abstract 2 Artist Unknown

Microscopic Modern Crystal Purple Edge Abstract 2 .
Artist Unknown

Crying A River . Kanchan Mahon

Crying A River . Kanchan Mahon


Disney Art

Aurora by Dorota Kotarba - Mendez

Aurora . Dorota Kotarba – Mendez

Disney Art on Main Street at Alexander's Fine Art - The Curse...

The Curse… Disney Art on Main Street . Alexander’s Fine Art

Disney Pinocchio concept art

Disney Pinocchio Concept Art

Cinderella Concept Art

Cinderella Concept Art

Snow White

Snow White . Camille Rose Garcia

Original Disney Art

Original Disney Art

Down, Down, Down , Liza Ferneyhough

Down, Down, Down . Liza Ferneyhough

Pinnocchio's Daring Journey

Pinnocchio’s Daring Journey . Disneyland

Merida . Brave . Disneyland

Merida . Brave . Disneyland

Ariel . Disneyland

Ariel . Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty . Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty . Disneyland

Snow White . Disneyland

Snow White . Disneyland

Tangled . Disneyland

Tangled . Disneyland



Disneyland Concept Art

Disneyland Concept Art

Disneyland Concept Art

Disneyland Concept Art

California We Love

California We Love

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Happy New Year!

(c) Sir Christopher Cook, Bt; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Midnight, New Years Eve, Chelsea Arts Ball by Francis Ferdinand Maurice Cook


New Years Eve Babysitter by Ben Prins, 1958


Christmas Illustration by Cassandra Rhodin


Have A Happy, Happy New Year!

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*Brandi Milne*


Of all the Artists I’ve found in the recent years the one whose work I’ve swooned over the most is that of Artist, Brandi Milne. The dark, sweet emotion and nostalgia of her paintings seem to pull from the likes of childhood dreams and storytelling.

Here, for your enjoyment, is a bit of her work.



“Before I Hide Away”

“Did You See Me?”

“Here Alone With You”

“I Dont Hear You Anymore”

“How Can I Shine Without You?”

“Baron of the Deep”

“Whisper Them To Me”

“She Wears The Trees In Her Hair And The Clouds In Her Eyes”

“White Fawn Sugar Scape”

“And Such Is Life”

“The Telling Tale”

“maggies gift”

“let’s eat cake”


“young foolery”

“the sweetest treat”

“maniac on sugar island”

“princess toadstool”

“May Grady”

“the tea party”

“The Ringmaster”

“off with her head”

“Ella Harper”


So Good for Little Bunnies

The Artist

For more of the Artist and her work, visit http://brandimilne.com

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Beautiful paintings I love….

"Pale Light" by Thien Bao

"Marigold" by Thien Bao

"Cold Front" by Sas Christian

Painting by Joshua Petker

Painting by Mstislav Pavlov

Concept art by Wenjun Lin

Painting by Esao Andrews

Painting by Eugen Chisnicean

Painting by Eugen Chisnicean

"Heathers" by Ken Keirns

"Feel the Music" by Olga Kharitonfeel

Paintings by Nasimo

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My little corner studio….

Although I use my entire apartment as my creative space, the majority of my work is done in the corner of my bedroom. It’s not much, but it’ll do for now.

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